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This book has been two long years coming.  These Journey of Dreams novels take a huge emotional toll on me as I write them.  They dig deep and explore themes that are hard hitting.   Though this book does have a similar tone to its predecessor, Prairie, it has a completely different “voice.”  I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.

We’ve got lots in store for you, because when we party, we like to go big or go home! And who wants to go home … 😉

We’ve got lots of ways you can get your entries in, and lots of prizes to go with ’em, so here we go!

2 $5 Amazon gift cards

10 Copies of Highlands

And… (drum roll please!) A beautiful hand-lettered wood sign, with your choice of quote/verse, either from Highlands or otherwise. (a $25 value). You can take a closer look HERE.

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Winners Galore!

Past Forward Vols 1-3


Past Forward Vols 4-6




Legends of the Vengeance


Check your inboxes, ladies.  WOOT!  We’ve got some winners.  I sent out a bunch of gift cards today to clear out the backlog.  I get behind just being BUSY.  Sorry.  I still owe Newsletter ones.  I’ll try to do those this week too.  And without further ado…

Justified Means


Effective Immediately




Corner Booth



Speaking of Lunch Dates

nonesoblindthumbWhat about a blind date, but your “date” is your spouse, who wakes up one day and doesn’t remember you or anything about the life you’ve made together? None So Blind explores the obvious plot points such as rebuilding a relationship from scratch, from both sides of the coin. But it also explores deeper issues, such as body image and self-worth. So, while this really is a great, fun to read story, it will also make you stop and think. ** Chautona is in the midst of much catching up and other such, so the above is in my opinion, and I got the pleasure of editing it. This is one of my all-time faves! – Christy

This week’s special for only .99, is None So Blind. I have several ways you can help spread the word and earn an entry in my weekly giveaway to win one of two Amazon Gift Cards.

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Comment: What would you do if, suddenly, your spouse couldn’t remember you or any of your shared memories?


Little Blessings

Sitting in the waiting room at Urgent Care.  Andra, #7 daughter, jumped to get a ball in the volleyball tournament and the opposing team had feet under the net…tripped.  Bam. Down she went.  Coach suspects a broken ankle.  We’ll see.

Meanwhile, I was going to upload this last night and didn’t have time.  So… no time like the present, right?


Join Me For Lunch?

35-cbOr at least my characters, which, frankly, all resemble me in one form or another. This week, Ashley earned her keep, along with a gold star for scheduling Corner Booth as our next countdown deal on Amazon … all from her phone, while in the ER!!

We’ll pretend that it was convenient and well-timed, for her sake, instead of pointing out that it was complete crunch time for me and my editor/assistant as we work on last minute edits for Highlands.  Not to mention the lack of internet at my house for the last couple of days. No. We won’t bring that up. Cause we love her. Or something.

But, who am I to turn down the opportunity to pass a good deal on to all of you? This story is so fun, I really do think you’ll love it. Snuggle up and enjoy this nice fall weather with a pumpkin whatever you love and dive into Corner Booth for just .99.

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Comment: Would you sit down with a complete stranger to get a table faster?


Feelin’ the Heat…

*Gulp* Our summer of reading program allowed me the freedom to focus on a couple of the books I needed to finish. But, in doing so, I didn’t do nearly as much work on HearthLand. So, as I swim up for a breath of air from pumping out Highlands, I realize we’re already giving away the most recent episode I’ve finished. Time for me to visit Ralph again, eh?

So, this week, we’re giving away HearthLand Episode 31.

*please note: links to my books are affiliate links and as such, I may receive advertising compensation from Amazon.

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Is No Place Safe?

It started with a joke about how I couldn’t afford to die.  I’d be 132 years old just sitting at a typewriter–a skeleton–and working feverishly (do bones get fevered?) to finish books before I could finally lay to rest in my coffin and nonsense like that.

The first cog rotated.

“That would be an interesting story… a skeleton writing books.”

Fabulous hair stylist, Beth, shook her head.  “You need a ghost.”

“Ooooh… a real ghost writer!”

The next cog clicked into place.

It should have been a hint.  Really.  I have no excuse.  And c’mon!  A HAIR SALON?  Seriously?  Can’t a woman get her hair cut and colored without her imagination holding her and half the salon hostage in the process?

“She could be a fan!”

“Searching for…”

“What if she’s an interior designer?”

Cogs whirled at breakneck–or gear–speed.

“No way!  That won’t–no wait.  It would.  We could…”

“If the FBI got involved…”

“Ooooh.  Yeah.  Then the guy would doubt–”

“What about…”

“That could be book two!  And then–”

“Ooooh… in book three…”

I’ve got issues, people.  Issues.  Beth the fabulous hairstylist has exactly 32 hours to name the main female character.  If she doesn’t, I’m using “Leah Zalei.”  Sure hope she comes up with something.


Good Things Come in Threes…

Mismatched is book two in The Agency Files, and hopefully you were able to snag books one and three that were on sale last week. In fact, one or both of them might still be reduced for a short time, so, if you didn’t already, they are: Justified Means and Effective Immediately. mismatchedcoversm

Mismatched will go on sale Wednesday  and be .99 for about a week!

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Comment request: Ever run across someone who looked “rough around the edges” and they ended up encouraging you in the Lord?