Snow Crossed Letters

“...waitin' for the matchmakin' man with the (mail) bag...

When packages go awry in a series of snowstorms that bury Rockland in multiple layers of white two residents find cheering the elderly to be a big surprise!

About the Book

When Izzie Williams receives a package for someone else in the Elmhurst neighborhood, she scrawls an apologetic note on it and pops it back in the mail.

Gabe Carbone never imagined a misdirected package would then lead to a postcard correspondence with a sweet old lady a few streets over.

A snowstorm creates a little postal mayhem that turns into friendly correspondence and then something more when Gabe and Izzie discover that their “geriatric” neighbors are more than just “young at heart.”

An illusionist and a parodist meet on the snow-crusted sidewalk and exchange snow-crossed letters. Who falls in love first? Find out in Snow-Crossed Letters today!