The Matchmakers of Holly Circle

The Matchmakers of Holly Circle

They've been in love for ten years, but it takes an interfering neighbor with a penchant for poker to unravel the mystery of their persistent platonic relationship.

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About the Book

Flirtation can be an art, or so they say. Well, if so, Ruth and Richard are “the old masters” of the flirting game. Despite their strictly platonic relationship, there’s “something there,” as so many of their friends and families say. Neighbors and friends for ten years, neither seems willing to change the course of their relationship.

Three doors down, at the end of the cul-de-sac, Mason Dickenson has watched his favorite neighbors with an interested eye, but he’s finally had it with the dance. So, with a pack of cards and a few tricks up his sleeve, he’s determined to get them out of the “friend rut” and into romance.

Thanks to Mason’s unique matchmaking scheme, Ruth and Richard concoct one of their own—a deeper, stronger, eternal love and relationship that nothing on earth can match.


Series: Christmas Fiction
Genres: Christian Fiction, Romance
Tags: Christmas Fiction, Rockland
Publisher: Havilah Press Publications
Publication Year: 2014
Length: 322
ASIN: 150328980X
ISBN: 9781503289802
List Price: 14.99 / 4.99
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The Matchmakers of Holly Circle
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