Looks Could Kill

Death comes unexpectedly... again... and again.

When Louisa Farnsworth's friend dies, she grieves. When another goes, she becomes suspicious.  When someone tries to break into her house, there's only one thing to do, and it's the last thing she wants to do.

About the Book

With wedding plans in the air, Louisa Farnsworth does not have time to figure out who might be “doing in” her friends.

The police think she’s gone off her rocker, of course. The deaths were ruled natural causes, and no one wanted to hear otherwise, but Louisa doesn’t believe it–not anymore.

So, against her better judgment, Louisa appeals to her niece, and Madeline Brown finds a formidable ally in her quest for the truth.

Series: Meddlin’ Madeline
Genres: Christian Fiction, Historical, Mystery, Romance
Tags: Coming Soon, Historical, Mystery, Rockland, Romance
Publisher: Havilah Press Publications
Publication Year: 2021