Manuscript for Murder

Manuscript for Murder

Meet Alexa Hartfield, one of Fairbury's most eligible bachelorettes, not to mention fashion connoisseur and celebrity author. She seems to have everything going for her, until someone starts replicating the murders she writes about, but in real life. Can the police end this killing spree, or will this be the end of Alexa's writing career?

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About the Book

Alexa Hartfield. Author, local celebrity, fashion connoisseur. She chose Fairbury for its close proximity to Rockland, its small-town atmosphere, and its low crime rate.

Then someone made her life a literary cliché. A mysterious accident with a light bulb sparked an interesting idea for her latest novel—and for Fairbury’s new serial killer. The first replication infuriated her. The second left an even worse taste in her mouth. The third blasted more than her self-confidence, and the fourth beat her down so far she’s considering giving up writing completely.

Who is killing Fairbury’s citizens, and furthermore, why and how are they using her novels to do it?

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What do readers have to say about Manuscript for Murder?

I enjoy expanded stories from other books. Alexa Hartfield is a character I have liked in the Past Forward series and now I am finding her charming and witty in this series. The way her history is revealed and the interaction or lack of with her family has put a different view of how Christians treat other Christians with unique gifts. The way the mother and sister try to force their opinions of Godliness on her and her reactions is very helpful to someone in that situation. Very good advice of how to respond to criticism. Great Mystery with Christian perspective.  ~Anita

The characters in this book keep you wanting to read more. The story is so intertwined with people and places. It’s easy to identify with them and want to help them solve the mystery. I would recommend this to anyone who likes “who done it” novels.   ~Debb

Alexa Hartfield is a puzzle and rumors swirl about her around town.
She dresses in vintage clothing and is a mystery writer. She writing
her current manuscript and doing a book tour. Then someone dies and
it is based on her current unpublished manuscript on her laptop. Then
someone is stalking her before they invade her home. . Can she stop the
killer in time? Must read for any mystery lover.   ~Kat

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Series: The Rockland Chronicles, The Hartfield Mysteries, Book 1
Genres: Christian Fiction, Mystery, Romance
Tags: Mystery, Recommended Books, Rockland, Romance
Publisher: Wynneword House
Publication Year: 2012
Length: novel
ISBN: 148011054X
List Price: 12.99 / 3.99
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Manuscript for Murder
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