Join Jessa Davidson as she wakes up in the land of her dreams, but is Prairie the dreams of her life come true--or her worst nightmare? Is it real? Is it permanent? Or will she awake to discover that she's lost her mind--or worse, her life?

And the biggest question on Jessa's heart? Does she care?

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In my dreams, I had always imagined wandering through meadows of golden, calf-high grasses that swayed in a gentle breeze. The dream recurred often—one I’d loved since my childhood. Sitting on the fire escape of our fourth-floor apartment in Pittsburgh, I’d escape into the woods of Wisconsin, the prairies of Kansas, and eventually the little town of De Smet, South Dakota, as I lived and breathed the adventures of Laura Ingalls. However, of all those places, the Kansas prairie somehow infused itself into my soul. I dreamt of the swoosh of the grasses, the musical sound of the cottonwoods when their leaves rustled in summer winds, and clear skies with only small tufts of clouds to mar their azure perfection…Some things we read in books, whether prose or poetry, and think we understand. However, until you’ve stood in a sea of grasses undulating like the waves of the ocean in the morning breeze, you cannot possibly begin to understand what the phrase, “sea of grass” means. As I stood, watching the rise and fall of the blades dancing in unison to a tune inaudible to me, a rush of contentment washed over me. In this vast sea of nothingness, I knew I had come home.


Jessa Davidson enjoyed a lifelong fascination and desire for life on the prairie. However, she never expected that fascination to become reality. A far cry from her apartment in Pittsburgh, the world of Prairie is more than just a change in geography–it’s a change of life.  In Prairie, Jessa examines the innermost parts of her soul and discovers desires she never knew she had.

From the moment she awoke, transported from the cold Pennsylvania winter, on the sunbathed summer prairie, she knew her life would never be the same.

The people of Prairie welcomed her and accepted her–almost without question, but so much of her life changed in that moment–her hopes, dreams, values, and the absolutes of things like time–that she feared accepting her new life as reality.

Is Prairie the dreams of her life come true–or her worst nightmare>  Is it real?  Is it permanent?  Or will she awake to discover that she’s lost her mind–or worse, her life?

And the biggest question on Jessa’s heart?  Does she care?

Series: Journey of Dreams, Book 1
Genre: Christian Fiction
Publisher: Havilah Press Publications
Publication Year: 2013
Length: 316
ISBN: 9781482547894
List Price: 12.99 / 4.99
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