Past Forward Episode 5 ~ Free on Kindle for a Limited Time


All good things must come to an end.  So goes the serial version of Past Forward.  At the end of this free promo of episode five, we’re going to de-list the first five episodes since we’ve reduced the price to .99 for Volume 1 (which includes episodes 1-5).  This has been such an incredible journey for me.  I originally wrote them and put them on a blog for friends of mine.  Then, as time passed, I added more and more. In June, I hired my publicist, and one of the first things Ashley said was, “We’re going to release Willow as a serial story in episodes.”  I thought she was nuts.  Who would wait, week after week, for a new episode?  Boy was I surprised.  Emails flooded my inbox, telling me how much Willow meant to people.  Reviews piled on the episodes, proving that Ashley, once again, was right.

I had no idea at that time that there would ever be a sixth volume, much less a spin-off series!  Here I am, still plugging away at that sixth volume, spinning new tales into old ones, and wrapping up loose ends and wondering just how I’ll say goodbye to Chad and Willow.  Then it hits me–I don’t have to.  They’ll be in other Rockland Chronicles books and a big part of the new HearthLand series.  Then I breathe again.  :)

It’s time to give away Past Forward Episode 5 on Kindle for a limited time.
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Also, for those Nook and Kobo readers, get Past Forward Volume 1 Free at Smashwords. Or, for only .99 at Barnes and Noble and Kobo.

3 thoughts on “Past Forward Episode 5 ~ Free on Kindle for a Limited Time”

  1. Oh what a joy to read a book and to feel inspired. I’m on Volume 4 and can ‘t wait to get to Volume 5, yet I want to stop and slowly read 4 hoping that Volume 6 will hit Amazon before I’m finished. I so want to enjoy Chad and Willow. What great characters and what a great job Chautona did in writing them. I feel like I’m related to them, they have become my family. Thanks for lifting me up Chautona and for making God to shine! I know he’s going to continually bless you.

  2. Just to let you know I downloaded Episode #5, Tweeted the Amazon link and forwarded the e-mail!

  3. I do love them too and love it when I hear someone else “gets” your vision. Thanks for taking the time to share with us!

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