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Thirty Days Hath

It seems apropos for this particular book to be on special in September, considering its title. Thirty Days Hath is a fun little adventure I had experimenting with a Christian version of “The Bachelor” … sort of. Blind Dates Are … Continue reading

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Myner Monday: Episode 4

This weekend we did the final edits to Effective Immediately and got it uploaded.  So, now I have time to devote to HearthLand!  I’m so excited and have already written one chapter.  So, look for new episodes coming soon–maybe even … Continue reading

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The New and the Old…

This is kind of a fun week for me, as it’s the first time we have specials on both of my serial novels at the same time. Past Forward is the original, and introduces you to Willow. HearthLand is the … Continue reading

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In the Mood for a Mystery?

It seems like a good day for a mystery. Right along with the mystery of why the newsletter didn’t go out last night. Or why my assistant’s burner on her stove sparks when it’s not turned on. Why, the world … Continue reading

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Myner Monday ~ Episode 2

I really enjoyed seeing the turnout you guys gave for T L Gray’s book, Mercy’s Fight!!  In case you couldn’t tell, I’m really rather excited about this new team of authors, publishers and friends. Each of us has our own … Continue reading

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Doing a Little Catch-up

Catch-up for you and me. I’ve been busy, busy, busy working on several books, traveling and, well, being a wife and mother. But, just to push myself, because I work well in a crunch, and because I’m excited to get … Continue reading

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HearthLand Episode 9 ~ Hearts Come Home

Things have been busy, busy, busy around here as I get back into the grove after being on “vacation” for a week. There was fun mixed in (liberally) with my trip, but I wrote a lot as well. So, there’s … Continue reading

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Myner… uh, Wednesday

What day is it today? It seems to me that Monday is past, but frankly, I barely know at this point. Let’s just say my flights were not all as they should have been. If one flight wasn’t cancelled, then … Continue reading

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To Bring Out the Junkie in You

De-cluttering that is… We all have our moments, don’t we? Those moments when we just take things way overboard. Hop on a pendulum and swing from one extreme to the other. If you’ve found yourself there at one time or … Continue reading

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Myner Monday ~ Episode 7

It’s a singin’ kind of night. I’ve got all sorts of songs rolling through my head. “It’s been a hard day’s night, and I’ve been workin’ like a dooooog…” This last month, plus, has been a hard and heavy writing … Continue reading

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