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Not a Word

Looking for a good read for these beautiful Spring days? Need something that makes you think but doesn’t leave you depressed? Not a Word is a story with a hard theme but clearly shows the redemption that comes from a … Continue reading

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Myner Monday: Episodes 21 and 22

This week we are giving away the next two episodes of HearthLand. Today, Monday, we are on HearthLand Episode 21: When It Rains. When a life change tears at the fabric of a family, another change comes to HearthLand. Add … Continue reading

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Speak Now

They met at a wedding and his children stole her heart. What started as a polite dance at the reception initiated a whirlwind romance. He admires her heart–not to mention her beauty. She feels more comfortable with him than anyone … Continue reading

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A HearthLand in Review

I wanted to take things back several episodes and give everyone a chance to catch up to where we are with HearthLand. So, this week, we’re going to give away Episodes 19 and 20. Episode 19 will be free all … Continue reading

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HearthLand Episode 24 ~ Forearmed

Great news? Our Savior is alive. Not so great news? I found myself up pushing 3 hours later than normal yesterday, sewing a dress. Thankfully, the good so greatly outweighs the bad as to not be comparable. However, exhaustion calls… … Continue reading

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HearthLand Episode 23 ~ Forewarned

It’s time for,  Episode 23: Moving in day for most of HearthLand’s first residents results in a crisis of faith for Susannah as well as a new home. Annie and Ralph enjoy a peaceful day together, but with Derek’s return, … Continue reading

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This Week

For any that have missed the first episodes of HearthLand, this week’s special is HearthLand volume I, which includes Episodes 1-6. After a trip to Walden Farm and an afternoon talking to Chad and Willow Tesdall, Ralph Myner caught a … Continue reading

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HearthLand Episode 22 ~ It Pours

And pour it does! Boy does it. Maybe it’s just the time of year. Somehow it seems like everything is piling up and needing done all at once. I wonder if spring time is always like this in your world … Continue reading

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Journey to Argosy Junction

Return with me, to one of the books that started it all. A lot of words have passed from fingers to screen since this book was born. But, every once in a while I enjoy visiting these characters and their … Continue reading

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Corner Booth Release Party!

I’m so excited! The day has finally arrived!! The release of Corner Booth… and who doesn’t like a giveaway?! Isn’t that mug absolutely adorable? It’ll hold so much more meaning when you’ve read the book. Just wait! Well, since today … Continue reading

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