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This Week

For any that have missed the first episodes of HearthLand, this week’s special is HearthLand volume I, which includes Episodes 1-6. After a trip to Walden Farm and an afternoon talking to Chad and Willow Tesdall, Ralph Myner caught a … Continue reading

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HearthLand Episode 22 ~ It Pours

And pour it does! Boy does it. Maybe it’s just the time of year. Somehow it seems like everything is piling up and needing done all at once. I wonder if spring time is always like this in your world … Continue reading

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Journey to Argosy Junction

Return with me, to one of the books that started it all. A lot of words have passed from fingers to screen since this book was born. But, every once in a while I enjoy visiting these characters and their … Continue reading

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Corner Booth Release Party!

I’m so excited! The day has finally arrived!! The release of Corner Booth… and who doesn’t like a giveaway?! Isn’t that mug absolutely adorable? It’ll hold so much more meaning when you’ve read the book. Just wait! Well, since today … Continue reading

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HearthLand Episode 21 ~ When It Rains

Well, speaking of “when it rains”… this was kind of a week of it for me, what with the mess up with Episode 22 and all.  Amazing how sometimes a slip of the finger can result in several hours of … Continue reading

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Organized crime. Illegal drugs. Violence. With them comes acceptance, order, purpose–danger. For Leo Haesert, they filled a hole left by a father he never knew and an indifferent mother. Things change, however, and after years in the notorious Alliance of … Continue reading

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HearthLand Episode 20

This week, I’m working hard on getting caught up on Highlands, and HearthLand, as well as beginning to work on Webster’s Bakery. Working on all of them at the same time gives my somewhat ADD mind something useful to jump … Continue reading

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Crime of Fashion

Her unexpected and unwilling entrance into the world of “true crime” showed mystery author Alexa Hartfield an uglier side of life—one she would have been thrilled to avoid. Relieved that the horror is over, she settles back into her quiet … Continue reading

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Episode 19… For Real!

  **Assistant  note: Ahem, Christy here. My apologies for last week’s fiasco. I was in a groove, and the next number up was just calling my name, apparently. Chautona’s internet was dicey and I just went with what I thought … Continue reading

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HearthLand Volume Three *Episodes 13-18*

I really want to thank you all for lifting me, my family and my dear friend up in your prayers this week. While my friend’s illness is ongoing and terminal, barring an act of God, (please keep praying) she did … Continue reading

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