Crime of Fashion

Her passion for fashion might just get her killed.

New. All is new in Alexa's world. New home, new friendships, new business venture, new feelings. But when a new murder and murderer surface, Alexa finds herself ready to close the book on all things new. Can Joe convince her of her need for his friendship and protection before it's too late?

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About the Book

Her passion for fashion might just get her killed.

With her eclectic fashion sense, no one is surprised when Alexa Hartfield invests in a retro-inspired clothing line. In fact, her entire life just got a makeover—new house, new and changing friendships, and now a new business venture. She’s just supposed to be a silent partner and spokesperson all rolled into one author celebrity.

She’s not supposed to become entangled in another murder… or two.

But when things start going wrong with the new business, how is Alexa supposed to ignore it? One person dies and others are threatened. As Alexa and Officer Joe race to discover who might have it in for the new fashion line and her business partners, Alexa begins to fear for the safety of her life (and heart) as well.

The tension mounts as every clue leads to the last person she would have expected to have it in for her.

Hold onto your hats as the next book in the Hartfield Mysteries makes its mark on the runway!

Series: The Rockland Chronicles, The Hartfield Mysteries, Book 2
Genres: Christian Fiction, Mystery
Tags: Mystery, Rockland
Publisher: Havilah Press Publications
Publication Year: 2013
Length: 300
ISBN: 9781482572254
List Price: 12.99 / 3.99
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Crime of Fashion
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